Sofi Papamarko, Lee-Anne Galloway, Claire AH, and Andrea Bain on CBC’s The Goods

The work I do is really all about creating connections and community. My professional focus is on helping people find love through matchmaking, coaching, and what I’ve deemed dating support – providing a listening ear, hand-holding, and sometimes a little tough love to help people put their best selves out there, both online and off.

I’ve spent the past decade giving workshops and talks, and spent much of my free time hosting storytelling events, conferences, podcasts, and radio shows, all of which have touched on dating, relationships, and sexuality. As a three-time stroke survivor, I also include disability and health in my discussions of dating, relationships, and sexuality, including presentations for students at various universities and an article in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy written with Natalie Rose, PhD.

After a prolonged post-stroke rehabilitation process, I went back to school to get a psychology degree with most of my coursework focusing on counseling and psychotherapy, social psychology (particularly relationships, gender, and sexuality), and health/rehabilitation psychology. (My first degree was in classical vocal performance, so that’s perhaps less relevant to the work I do unless you’re planning a date to the opera.)

In what feels like a former life, I spent a number of years working as an executive, publicist, editor, and director for numerous sexuality-oriented companies.

I do have a life outside of my work, at least sometimes. I’m married to an amazing guy, we have an old rescue dog, and we live in a cute little house with a sizeable backyard in Hamilton, Canada. We make snacks, terrible puns, and sometimes even music. (The humans, not the animals.)