Photo: Khristel Studios

Claire AH is a matchmaker for Friend of a Friend Matchmaking (working with the Toronto LGBTQ+ community and the entire Hamilton population) and a community manager with sexuality-oriented social media experts 7 Veils Media. She’s also a public speaker, writer, and educator with regular appearances on O.School.  Her focus is on the intersections of sexuality, dating, relationships, disability, and health, among other things.

Launched in December 2017, Claire’s podcast A Date With focuses on the lived experiences of intersectional approaches to dating. Along with Samantha Fraser, Claire hosts a monthly sexy storytelling night called Tell Me Something Good at the Glad Day Bookshop in Toronto, Canada. She also offers coaching services for dating, relationships, body image, and sexuality, which can be open-ended or specifically focused on approaching these issues after a major life change.

In another life, she worked with numerous Feminist Porn Award-winning companies as an executive, publicist, and director.