Claire offers coaching services focused on dating, sexuality, and the body. Her practice is holistic with an open-ended approach to coaching style and relationship, it’s queer/trans/poly/kink/fat-positive, and it operates within an anti-racist and anti-oppressive framework. It is entirely open-ended, from working on your dating profiles to tackling more serious issues. That said, Claire is not a registered psychotherapist and is not trained to deal with mental health issues.

Here are some topics that may be explored during coaching sessions:

Dating coaching includes such topics as:

  • Getting ready to date
  • Examining and questioning past dating patterns
  • Unlearning preferences that don’t serve you
  • Dealing with harmful norms in the dating scene

I’m also providing assistance with your image, your story, and how you communicate to help figure out who you are and then put your best and most accurate self out there both online and offline. Let’s take pictures, go shopping, give your profile a tune-up, and/or figure out how to send messages that get noticed, or whatever else you may need!

Sexuality coaching includes such topics as:

  • Getting in touch with your sexuality
  • Identifying and accepting shifts in your sexual identity
  • Issues of disclosure
  • Discussing sexual desires, needs, and boundaries with partners

Body-oriented coaching includes such topics as:

  • Body acceptance/positivity/neutrality
  • Issues of chronic illness and/or disability
  • Feeling more connected to your body
  • Treating your body kindly without a prescriptive attitude

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