Claire offers coaching services focused on dating, sexuality, and the body. Her practice is holistic with an open-ended approach to coaching style and relationship, it’s queer/trans/poly/kink/fat-positive, and it operates within an anti-oppressive framework. It is entirely open-ended, but here are some topics that may be explored together within coaching sessions:

Dating coaching includes such topics as:

  • Getting ready to date
  • Examining and questioning past dating patterns
  • Unlearning prejudiced “preferences”
  • Dealing with harmful norms in the dating scene

Sexuality coaching includes such topics as:

  • Getting in touch with your sexuality
  • Identifying and accepting shifts in your sexual identity
  • Issues of disclosure
  • Discussing sexual desires, needs, and boundaries with partners

Body-oriented coaching includes such topics as:

  • Body acceptance/positivity/neutrality
  • Issues of chronic illness and/or disability
  • Feeling more connected to your body
  • Treating your body nicer without a prescriptive attitude

Coaching sessions begin at $80, but there are sliding scale spots for those who don’t find that price accessible. Meetings generally happen online via Skype with payment via PayPal, but Toronto/Hamilton meetings could happen in person, depending on access to space.