Over the past 5+ years, Claire has had the chance to speak on a number of topics related to sexuality, relationships, and their relationships to issues of health and disability. Her early work focused more on ethical and aesthetic elements of the adult industry, as well as concepts of aspirational sexuality, and bridging the gap from fantasy to reality in relationships. After a series of strokes, she has shifted her focus largely to topics associated with disability, relationships, and sexuality, particularly how these intersections are often overlooked in healthcare and caring environments.

A non-exhaustive list of Claire’s speaking engagements:


Sex After a Shift (Playground 2018)

Intersectional Dating (Playground 2018)

Opening Plenary: Living Out Loud (Playground 2018)

Sex and Disability lecture for M.Sc Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology Students (McMaster University 2017)

Sex and Disability lecture for M.Sc Physiotherapy Students (University of Toronto 2016 and 2017)

Sex and Disability lecture for Introduction to Rehabilitation (University of Toronto Scarborough 2016)

The Erasure of Sexuality in Healthcare (Panel – Guelph Sexuality Conference 2016)

DIY Techniques and Artistic Elements in Porn (Panel – Smut in the 6ix 2016)

Fantasies Come True (Oasis Aqualounge 2016)

Sexual Self-Confidence (Toronto School of Burlesque 2016)

Performative and Personal Dominance (Toronto School of Burlesque 2016)

Explore More Summit 2016

The Value of Fem(me) Identity (Playground 2015)

Better Practices for Community Building Around Sexuality (Playground 2015)

Create Your Own Porn (Playground 2015)

Hearing the “Lived Experience” (Sex for Health: Skills for Enablement 2015)

The Dual Role of Service Recipients and Providers in Institutions (Reclaiming Our Bodies and Minds 2015)

13 Spicy Nights 2015

Feminist Porn 101 (University of Toronto Mississauga SEC 2014)

Sex-Positive Community Building (University of Ontario Institute of Technology 2014)

Body Positivity (Playground 2014)

Kink and Gender (Playground 2014)

Porn Outside of Porn Valley (Playground 2014)

Sex Ed A Go-Go 2015

Consent and Authenticity: Interrogating Two Feminist Porn Tennets (Feminist Porn Conference 2014)

Nerd Nite 2014

Fat Sexuality (Playground 2013)

Navigating Porn and Relationships (Playground 2013)

Ladyporn: Porn for Women (Feminist Porn Conference 2013)

Women and Porn – What’s the Reality? (Playground 2012)

Sex in Contested Bodies (Playground 2012)